Innotality Annual Staff Awards & Recognition 2018-2019

Innotality Annual Staff Awards & Recognition 2018-2019

From one year to another, INNOTALITY always celebrates one important gathering “Annual Staff Awards and Recognition“ to congratulate and encourage the hard work of outstanding employees who have dedicated their efforts and contribution to the company in the past 12 months. This year, the event was held on 27th of April, 2019 under the presence of our Founder (owner), Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Management, and employees, totally around 600 people from INNOTALITY properties such asBorei Angkor Resort & Spa, The Privilege FloorLotus Blanc Hotel & Resort, Mudita Spa and The Twizt – Lifestyle Hotel. For the morning session, the event was held in Bokor Ballroom of Borei Angkor Resort & Spa to witness the recognition of achievements, appreciation and congratulation to our annual outstanding employees.

Awards and Recognition certificates are divided into 9 categories:

1. 35 Twizt Pop Up Awards and Recognition

2. 46 Honesty Awards

3. 12 Best Grooming Awards

4. 6 Mudita Awards

5. 5 Best Employees of the Year Awards

6. 2 Best Sale Ambassadors

7. 43 Loyalty Award 15 Years

8. 7 Loyalty Award 10 Years

9. 20 Loyalty Award 5 Years

We strongly believe that the awards will be increasing from year to year and full of stronger teamwork from the INNOTALITY Family whose vision is aligned under “One Team, One Dream” as quoted from our Deputy Managing Director.

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