Announcement of Leadership Restructure

As the business of Innotality keeps on growing, we are pleased to announce the changes to our management structure in order to ensure the company’s sustainable growth and the ultimate privilege experience for our guests is fulfilled.


After nine years of service with Innotality, Mr. Sokvanna HANG has decided to step down from his post as the Group Director of Guest Experience in April 2019 to take up his desired career goal outside the company. Even though we are saddened by his departure, the Board of Directors fully support and respect his decision. We really appreciate his loyalty, dedication, and tireless effort in bringing Innotality to where it is today.


Mr. Sophal SONG has made the decision to resign from his current position as the Group Director of Revenue in May 2019, after having completed his two-year fruitful term with Innotality. A man who always pursuits for excellence has led the Sales and Marking Department to the next level and his contribution was essential to our company. We wish him success in all his future endeavors.

From left to right: Mr. Nara THON, Mr. Finan KHIM, Miss Monirath KHIM


Appointment of the President of Innotality Corporation, Ltd.: Mr. Finan KHIM, the Managing Director, has now been appointed as the President of Innotality Corporation, Ltd. Mr. Finan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs who has very strong background in business administration and has always proved his passion in living our vision of achieving leadership in premium hospitality market in Cambodia. The Board of Directors and all of our Innotality’s associates have full confidence in his driving capability witnessed by the exponential growth of business capitals and emerging of the new mega projects under Innotality brands. We are optimistic that, under his leadership, our goal becomes closer.

Placement of the Executive Vice President (EVP): We are delighted to share with you that Miss Monirath KHIM, our Deputy Managing Director, has now been appointed as the Executive Vice President of Innotality Corporation, Ltd.

With all the international exposure, she plays a very important role in the company especially when it comes to developing new products, building new properties, initiating new F&B concepts as well as finding new business opportunities for us. Within just a few months with the company, she has delivered exceptional results for Innotality by entering new business segments such as - the Twizt Pop Up, the pre-opening concept of the upcoming luxurious hostel as well as F&B concepts of Tusita and San Vito just to name a few.

Miss Khim had spent most of her time overseas, notably the United Kingdom, where she attended the prestigious private boarding school, and graduated from the Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester with a Bachelor Degree of Science in Management with honor. She then went on to complete a Master of Science in International Hotel Management with honor at Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland.

Prior to joining our company, she was with the world’s most luxury hotel, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong, where she was exposed to the top of the industry service standard. She is also a keen supporter of charity work, as she is actively involved with the community services namely the Red Cross Cambodia.

With her highly recognized educational background combined with her profound knowledge, skills, and depth of experiences in the field of hospitality industry, we strongly believe that Innotality will continue to bloom as the leading Cambodian luxury hospitality group under her stewardship. Miss Khim reports directly to Mr. Finan KHIM, President of Innotality Corporation, Ltd.

New Promotion of Senior Vice President and Group General Manager (SVP/GGM): With the departure of Mr. Sokvanna HANG, the company has entrusted Mr. Nara THON to oversee all the business segments of Innotality.

Mr. Nara has gained in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in Hotel Management. He has achieved academic recognitions from École hôtelière de Lausanne and certified the degree in Hotel Management from Cornell University, the School of Hotel Administration, New York City. He is also a successful MBA candidacy of International Hotel Management from Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland.

Mr. Nara is a passionate hotelier in the Kingdom of Cambodia. He has experience being part of the pre-opening team of more than 7 hotels under the Raffles flagship in Bangkok, Singapore, Australia, and London. He was selected to focus his career development in the area of food and beverage and as such was sent for one year to Raffles Brown's Hotel where he gained hands-on experience in operation of London's longest operating luxury hotel, one year at Le Montreux Palace, as well as three months as pre/post opening assistant at 6 outlets of Equinox Complex in Singapore. Mr. Nara was also posted at the Raffles Resort on Canouan Island for a period of 3 years. For the past 7 years with Innotality, being the Director of Guest Experience at Lotus Blanc Hotel & Resort, Mr. Nara has managed the operation of this hotel outstandingly.

With these achievements, Mr. Nara is well trusted by the Board of Directors and has now been promoted to the Senior Vice President and Group General Manager of Innotality managing its business units namely Borei Angkor Resort & SpaLotus Blanc Hotel & ResortMudita Spa, and The Twizt - Lifestyle Hostel, under the leadership of Miss Monirath KHIM, Executive Vice President of Innotality Corporation, Ltd.

Moving to Sales & Marketing: Mr. Vichheka MOTH, with more than 10-year experience with Innotality, has proved his capability in managing Sales Department successfully. He has now been re-designated to be in charge of Sales & Marketing Department with the new role as the Group Director of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Vichheka reports directly to Senior Vice President/Group General Manager, Mr. Nara THON.

Ms. Chankesar CHEA, who is currently a Senior Key Account Manager, has been promoted to the Head of Key Account. With her newly appointed role, she is now in charge of both TA and MICE and reports directly to Mr. Vichheka MOTH.

Ms. Sokheang LY, Key Account Manager, has been re-designated to be in charge of MICE. She reports to Ms. Chankesar, Head of Key Account.

Leading Lotus Blanc Hotel & Resort Operation: Mr. Roberto RY becomes one of the most loyal employees after serving more than 15 years in the company. Going along with the company growth, Mr. Roberto has always put his hands on to support, engage in any business circumstance, challenge the status quo, and constantly exceed our expectation. As a result, the company has now re-designated Mr. Roberto to be in charge of the operation of Lotus Blanc Hotel & Resort with the capacity as the Hotel Manager role. Mr. Roberto reports directly to Mr. Nara THON.

Moving to The Twizt: Miss Kanha TEN has been promoted to the General Manager of The Twizt - Lifestyle Hostel. She started her journey with Innotality in 2011 as a Personal Assistant to Mr. Finan KHIM. Later on, she took up the role as Resident Host Manager before moving to her latest position as the Head of MICE. From one role to another, she has always delivered exceptional results. With her in-depth knowledge in all aspects of hotel business, she has all the traits to be a qualified General Manager of The Twizt - Lifestyle Hostel. Miss Kanha reports directly to Mr. Nara THON.

As a leading company in the hotel industry, we have always endorsed “internal promotion”. We believe that that employee who works hard and constantly achieves outstanding results, stands a chance to advance his/her career within Innotality group. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those who have been promoted on this occasion. We wish you all the success in your new role.

We, the Board of Directors, are very excited with this change and believe that this rationale will further increase Innotality reputation and uplift the provision of exceptional guest experience.

We are positive and looking forward to serving our guests and business partners to the optimum satisfaction.

Approved to be broadcasted by:

Mr. Finan KHIM
Innotality Corporation, Ltd.

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