Easier, Faster and Greener Process with the Paper-free Alternative at INNOTALITY

Easier, Faster and Greener Process with the Paper-free Alternative at INNOTALITY

The business world has changed dramatically over the past few decades with the technology that has progressed remarkably. While some technological advances flash and fade, social intranet software has endured and revolutionized business operations. Effectively, it’s an internal website that provides staff with a central place to share and read information.

Innotality Intranet Management System is beneficial in organizing, storing, protecting as well as simplifying the management and access of confidential documents and information. The system works as a privately owned network in a closed circuit that provides multiple tools for an organization to communicate, collaborate and work on cross-functional projects. One of the essential tools on company’s IMS is Innotality Product Portal. The system was initiated to provide internal customers with detailed product information that can be accessed online anytime and anywhere. With the Product Portal, there’s no longer need to provide hotel product or service information folders whenever there is a new member joining in the company because every detail is digitally stored. This sophisticated tool was developed for the beneficial knowledge for all generations of Innotality.

In addition to Innotality Product Portal, another daily essential tool is an Electronic Approval or E-Approval. The system facilitates instant sharing between individuals, teams or departments that allows staff from multiple teams to work together on common goals allowing sensible business decisions to be made. Work on cross-functional project can be administered more quickly and accurately since the system helps shorten the work process and save a great deal of time.

In the digital era, paper-based business processes are no longer efficient, and generally not the cheapest and fastest way to accomplish a task. Not only do companies have to pay for the physical paper itself, but there are also associated costs including printer ink, printer maintenance and more. All types of businesses are always looking for ways to cut down on expenses and streamline their operations. By embracing this electronic document approval system, the company takes commitment to reducing paper consumption for the cause of saving trees since it is believed that small things done consistently create major impact. For almost every process, there is a paper-free or digital alternative that every company should adhere to for it saves time, cost and the environment all at once.

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